The topic of memory, infinite and indefinite, poses the questions: „Where do I come from?” and „Where am I going? Who am I?”. Therefore, questions related to identity and meaning of life. Memory is the essence of my reflections – reflections of a Pole from France and a French from Poland. If culture determines the substance of identity, then it takes different forms in different countries. Thus, conflicted, I dove into studying the subject of memory and the forms it takes, trying to comprehend the similarities and differences of which we constitute. Culture and art – through the functions of imagination, presentation and comprehension of the world – are the basis of identity, according to the theories of Aristotle – and are still discussed.

Not only is it necessary to depict images of the external world, but also the traces of memory within us. In art, we can obviously observe the specific characteristics of each country, even though it might have “universal” ambitions. Then, it is the case of fragmented memory within us, which sometimes occurs through watching or creating a work of art. Talking about Memory and Identity is not easy. That is why, I try, blindly, to express their various interpretations as a way not only leading somewhere, but important in itself.

Apart from one bronze installation, I chose ceramics and porcelain to express myself, since this technique embodies elements of memory. Primarily, geological memory of the material, memory of the earth, water, fire